Monochrome Variation III


Monochrome Variation III


Limited edition run of 200 watches-available in polished silver and matte black

Monochrome Variation III


The Art Watch Gallery of NYC:

  • Bringing the inspiration of contemporary art into daily life.
  • Providing contemporary artists, a new medium of artistic expression, the mechanical wrist watch.
  • Bringing together the worlds of contemporary art collecting and mechanical watch collecting.
  • Offering limited edition, collectible art objects with unique aesthetic.


  • Innovative art printing techniques used in the fine arts and incorporated for the first time on a watch dial.
  • Swiss made movements that incorporate the highly valued reputation of Swiss watch making tradition.
  • Hand assembled by our experienced watch makers in NYC.
  • Solid all-stainless steel cases and sapphire glasses that offer durability and elegance.
  • Large selection of genuine leather watch bands, selected one by one in close partnership with our artists, to match aesthetically the art work in our watches.


“Monochrome Variation III” features ETA 6497 mechanical movement made in Switzerland with mechanical manual wind for exact time keeping and durability. The movement has 17 jewels and a power reserve of 45 hours and is upgraded with a polished finish and blew screws.


Art Watch Gallery sources the finest quality watch straps available in the market. The colors and textures of the watch straps are selected following recommendations of Art Watch Gallery artists so that they are aesthetically matching their art work.

 Premium genuine calfskin with vintage stitching
 Thin Italian calskin
 Sailcloth look genuine calfskin- premium caoutchouc core 

Sapphire crystal lens

Our watches are fitted with sapphire crystal, a gemstone known for its scratch resistance durability and superior hardness (9 Mohs). The cases are stainless steel and waterproof up to 10 ATM.

Clark Goolsby

Contemporary culture is saturated with millions of short-lived stimuli that fight to hold our attention — every day, we are inundated with thousands of messages that threaten to take over our focus. These images and ideas are copied and collected from incredibly diverse sources. They're catalogued and recontextualized, then cast back into the fray. Perhaps because of this constant reshuffling, there's a general apathy about the origin of these information snippets: if an image or idea is only popular at this moment, delving into its history seems superfluous.

My work is an observation on this era of free circulation. I use a variety of disparate elements within my work and place them without context as to how they were created or where they came from — much like using a Google image search and finding a picture disembodied from its original source. Together I’ve formed these references into a chaotic world of brightly colored shapes and patterns engaged in a delicate balancing act. The end result is something of a visual paradox as each piece adds stress to a fragile, geometric web that's tenuously held together even though it's always on the verge of breaking apart.

Clark Goolsby